Education Health Keeping it real Uncategorized  WE ARE ALL SCIENCE STUDENTS!!!
 Our society has recently adopted the term “science students” to describe those involved in drug abuse particularly the ones who constantly mix different psychoactive substances together for their own consumption. 
 We have however ignored every other practice perhaps thinking that they (those practices) are not serious enough to be labelled drug abuse. We have forgotten that market trader who starts her day with her special tonic served in a steel cup from her usual supplier,  the ” labourer” and the “Okada man” who depend on some shots of “jedi” to get by the day’s work and the caffeine dependent students who need their magic substance for their “read-athon”. 
And how about our friends who treat cough every other day endlessly consuming those bottles of codeine and then those of us who have become our own doctors and pharmacists diagnosing and prescribing medications for ourselves.
 The list is endless, we are all guilty!!  We created a “drug-filled world”, making it drug free is our responsibility and it starts with you!!

 Df Awoyemi Ayomide
PRO Drug free Club OAU


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