Education Stories  TUMBLER EPISODE 31


I resumed my usual self, the smiling Maurice, at work that day. My colleagues at work were surprised because they learnt about the lost pregnancy. They were also not sure on how to interact with me since my mood was unclear, but I erased those thoughts and told them to continue their work as usual. I told them I was fine.
Around 2pm when I did not see Joshua’s  call,  I decided to call him myself. I picked up my phone and dialed his number, it went through. He picked it up and told me he would call me back and that he was busy at the moment. That day was Thursday. I did not see his call until 6pm. I was already at home by that time. When my phone finally rang at around 6pm,  I picked up immediately because I have been waiting for it. I just wanted to shear his voice, I have missed him.
“Hello handsome, ” I said with a smile.
“Hello Maurice, how are you?” he replied.
“Honey,  you are not even sounding as if you’ve missed me. I have been OK sick bed for the past three(3) days, not even a call from you Joshua,” I replied.
“I am sorry,, I learnt of that but you know I can not call in, mother or Desiri might pick it and I could not visit you as well because that was Desiri’s hospital and I know mother or Carolina, your friend, would be around. I am sorry dear. I even heard that you lost the baby,” He said.
“Oh! I did. I am sorry for that as well,” I replied.
“It is not your fault Maurice, maybe it is not yet time for the child to come to the world. How are you feeling now? How about you come over on Saturday and I will show to you how caring I am,” Joshua said.
“Of course honey, I would not miss out on Saturday’s fun. I can not even wait to see you. You do not even know how much I have missed you. I love you Joshua,” I replied with smiles.
“I have missed you too my love. See you on Saturday, ” he said as he ended the call.
I resumed back to the movie I was watching after the call has ended when Desiri walked in.  She winked at me and I winked back. She jumped on the bed to join me in watching the movies.
“So,  Big sis.  Have you heard from the heart breaker?” Desiri asked
“Not at all, what about you?” He called this afternoon and even asked after you because I told him what happened.
“That naughty brat. God will judge him,” I said as we both continued watching the movie while ending the conversation about the heart breaker.
Joshua also called me the following day at work and we spoke for lengthy hours. He said a lot of loving words and also made me laugh. I appreciated the conversation as that made my day. We ended the call after also discussing about how Saturday’s fun would be. He even teased me that we would make another baby. “Such a loving man,” I said. 

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