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I went back home that night after Joshua had fallen asleep. I felt uneasy and when I got to my room I knelt down beside my bed and prayed to God for forgiveness. I knew I lost it but my father in heaven is merciful enough to forgive me. It was after the prayer that I was able to sleep that night. “Joshua should have done the same thing,” I said to myself. 
The following morning, I sent Joshua a morning message as usual and he replied. I was happy and relieved. He called me later in the day and asked how I felt when I got home last night, I told him all I did even the prayer I made. I said that because I thought it was the right thing to do and also impressed him but he flared up.
“What do you mean by you asking for forgiveness Maurice? Are you trying to push the blame on me? Did I force you to do it? Is that not what you wanted?” he questioned angrily. 
“But Joshua, I have not said anything wrong. That should not have pissed you?” I curiously replied. 
“Making it look as if I raped you should not piss me right? I gave you what you wanted, didn’t I?” he said and ended the call.  
“What is wrong with him?” I asked myself.  I tried calling him back but he didn’t pick the call. “Could I have said something wrong?” I questioned myself. After work, I drove straight to his house but he was not in, so I left a message for him telling him I was sorry and also begged him to pick my call. 
It was after three(3) that Joshua picked my call and told he was no longer mad at me. He asked if I would be free on Saturday and I said I would. He told me to come over to his place that he has something for me. I wanted to ask what the thing was but I held back. “It might piss him off again,” I said. 
 I decided not to show up at work on Saturday in order to be with Joshua (the branch of the company at which Joshua worked does not open on Saturdays). I got to his house around 9am as scheduled. I was surprised at what I saw but decided not to show it. The path from the gate to the door of the house was glorified with red roses. “Could it be that Joshua wants to propose?” I asked myself. I walked to the door and knocked on it. 
“You can come in,” Joshua said. 
I walked in and saw him standing at the heart of the living room (the center of the living room).  
“What is the occasion Joshua?” I asked with a smile. 
“You are the reason for the moment Maurice,” he said with his handsome smile. “Do you like it?” he asked. 
“Like it? Like is an understatement, I love it?” I replied. 
“This is my evidence of love to you Maurice, this is for you not to doubt me and just do as I say,” he concluded and drew me closer to himself. He kissed me and I returned the kiss back. I could not resist him. I let him in as I opened my laps for him again.
 Love is blind, it is as blind as bat. I wish that moment would exist forever. 

The following day which  was Sunday, I woke up as early as possible in order to prepare for church. I took my bathe and wore one of my beautiful gowns. I ate my breakfast in a rush so that I would not miss the Sunday school, “a Sunday school missed is like a treasure thrown in the ocean,” that has always been  my  conviction. 
After breakfast, I put a call through to Joshua but his number was not reachable. I wondered what the case maybe because his phone was fully charged the previous night. “Oh! Maybe he is in Church already,” I said to myself. 
 I drove happily to church that morning and fortunately I began the Sunday school with them. The topic that day was: Marriage (The man and The wife). The teacher opened my eyes to see even the darkest part of marriage. He said in his words, “there is only one man that has been created to love a woman and woman to subject herself to a man and such woman is the only bone of the man’s bone.” I did not understand his point, “There are millions of men and women out there, how could there be only one man for a woman and one woman for a man. If that is the case, how would they even meet,” I asked myself and decided to ask during the question and answer section, so I wrote the question down. 
 The teacher continued, “Marriage is the only institution God himself created. He created it for The man not A man. He saw himself that it is not good for The man to be alone, God then made The man fell into a deep sleep and took a rib to create The woman, not a woman or women. He created a virtuous woman for the man.” 
 I could not hold back my questions, unconsciously I said loudly, “Is that not mean? If God could take The virtuous woman to The man himself, why can He not do the same for every being he has created. He should make marriage simple for everyman. How did He expect us to locate the bone of our bone out of the millions He has created?” I stopped when I realised that all eyes were already on me. 
 “A very brilliant question my sister, God did not create the millions on earth and tell us to look for the bone of our bones ourselves. He said, “seek ye first His kingdom and all other things shall be added.” The teacher answered. 
“Oh! Now I understand. What if the virtuous woman is no longer a young lady,  what if she does not have time on her side anymore, can God not consider her and let her pick the right man himself?” I questioned further. 
 “God does not think the way human thinks. Human’s time is vanity for it will wax away like a candle stick that was lit but God’s time is the best for it is from everlasting to everlasting. Bishop Oyedepo’s re-married after he parted with his first wife by death. The woman he got married to was already 50years old and she was declared a virgin by the Bishop himself. We may think that time is moving fast but trust me, in a that deserted land, there exists pure gold. A thousand year is like a day before God. 
He said, come unto me and I will give you rest,”  The teacher concluded. 
 I had more questions to ask but the time for Sunday school was over, so I reserved the questions  till after service so I would meet the teacher or the pastor in charge to explain further. 
I kept pondering in what the teacher said even when the service started. I could not dance much during the praise and worship section, I was lost in thought that I even forgot about Joshua. The choir also ministered in a song titled, “It is not too late to take the right step.” I was touched by the power in that song that I started to cry uncontrollably but was able to conceal it within me,  only the tears were rolling out. 
 When it was time for sermon, I had a weird feelings that the message would hit hard on me. I wanted to leave the church saying to myself, “why are they being mean to me today? They have done more than enough already.” But I erased the thought because I knew it was from the devil. The pastor, after worshipping God, spoke in tongues and I felt like I knew the meaning of what he said. I heard him say, “This is the right time to return to your Father, Maurice.” I wondered how I thought I heard something of such, “it must be my subconscious,” I thought.  The pastor preached on: The stony heart. I thought that message was not meant for me at first but after sermon ended I could not but pray to God to turn my heart to a fleshy one. I was blessed that day and I gave all thanks go God. 
 It was after the service that I noticed that Joshua was not around. He was not even in church. The thought of not seeing Joshua made me forgot that I had some questions to ask the teacher, so I left the church after service and drove to his house. The gate to the house was locked, I tried his number but it was off. I became worried because I did not know anyone with him that I may call. I went back home and my bright face had already turned pale. “Where could Joshua be?” I asked myself. 
 When I got home I only met mother and the maids as usual. I asked after Desiri (she has been staying in the villa since returned from abroad) and I was told she went out to visit one of her friends. “Desiri has no friend in Nigeria,” I questioned. But there was no one with me to provide an answer. Desiri returned later in the evening and went straight to her room. I was told she had returned so I went to her room. I knocked on her door and entered when she said I could come in. 
“I heard you went out with your friend,” I said. 
“Yes big sister, not just a friend but my boyfriend,” she replied. 
“Boyfriend? You did not even tell me about him. Are doctors allowed to have boyfriends?” I asked. 
She smiled and said, “Sis. Mau, doctors are not robots, you know right. We also need someone to lean on when we are alone.”
“So you stabbed church for bo….” I could not complete the statement when I almost throw up but I rushed to the bathroom and poured it inside the WC. 
“Big sis. are you alright?” Desiri asked  curiously. 
“You are the doctor Lil. Sis, you know better that I do,” I replied. 
 “The exists pure gold in the deserted land.” What does that even mean? 

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