Some Childish behaviours that needs a stop.

Good day my humble readers, I know it has been a while, you heard from me, am so sorry for that. there are few things I want to discuss with you.
 There are some childish behaviours we human beings have to stop this 2018, behaviour that are uncalled for. I will list 18 of some of these behaviours
1. They become your enemy when you reject their advances and you suddenly become ugly, some take it as far as harassing and raining obscenities on you.
2. They get intimidated and insecure when you make more money than them, but treat you like a dependent gold digger if you make less or nothing at all.
3. Ditch whenever they spend peanuts on you, and act like they’re doing you a favour, you’re the one who flaunted your money and offered to spend it on me, should I pay for a date you asked me on? Those who would say my dad doesn’t own a rangerover so I shouldn’t want a guy who owns one, I’m trying to live more comfortable than my dad, it’ll be foolish to seek such lifestyle with a man who’s lesser than my dad, common sense. 
4. They always ask for your number after every conversation, even harmless ones that has casual written all over it, so they can pester your life.
5. Expect you to always reciprocate their advances or end up coercing and pestering you until you agree, because you asked me out I should just say yes, I might be into someone else, I might be in a relationship, I might not be ready for a relationship, or I simply don’t like you, my feeling doesn’t have a switch that I can turn it on or off whenever I want.
6. They’re always nice for a reason, even when they don’t ask for payback outrightly, they’ll sure ask for it later on. 
7. They mistake every gesture as a greenlight, you smile that’s a greenlight, you wave its a greenlight, you reply messages its a greenlight, you don’t, you’re a proud mannerless snub
8. Give them a mile, they take two, visit them at home, its a go ahead to take it to second base, resist, and you might end up getting raped.
9. Lie amongst themselves that they’ve dated and even slept with you just to feel fly as they get cheers
10. Assume you’re sleeping around as long as it aint them you’re sleeping with. who does that?
11. Take back everything they got you when it was all lovey dovey when things go wrong
12. Get on their bad side and things you did in private is online for everyone, anything just to slut shame you, some even go as far as blackmail, how lowly.
14. kiss and tell, you know what I mean
15. seeing girls as intimacy gadgets, lol
16. Using marriage promises to keep her inline, if you know you have no intention of putting the ring(branded handcuff) on it, let her go without wasting her time, its not an achievement or a do or die affair.
17. One lover at a time please, some can have 4 at a time, are you planting them at your backyard, have conscience or grow one.
18. Don’t classify all girls as slayqueens, I doubt you even know what it means.
Culled from Nairaland


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