SCIENCE STUDENTS – THE MESSAGE By Muhydeen Adekunle Abioye (Catalyst)

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Since popular artist Olamide released his single Science Student , there has been a lot of trend in the  social media . While many youths have joined the craze by making short videos and dancing to the tune , several  others have launched douses of criticisms including Op-Ed writers .This is not new to an artist whose  songs  depict happenings in the ghetto as they are usually  trailed with criticism. From the word ” science student” it means youth mixing various drugs substances in various quantities. It has become rampant among youth of nowadays using different drugs to become high and not considering the side effects . Quite a number use substances like  Tramadol when they are about to do strenuous work. Some use drugs and alcohol for recreational purpose, while some others believe it helps to calm their nerves in time of sadness. 
                The question to ask now is if the song promotes or discourages drug abuse in the society. Many Nigerian youths most especially the teenagers in secondary schools listen and start dancing to the song without reflecting on the lyrics. Now translating the lyrics from Yoruba language to English  Theres no bark, theres no leafthey have mixed gutter water, the eye is now dirty, they have mixed chemicals, science students, Although the artist himself came out to disclaim the wrong perceptions, but many had already taken the wrong message.
     As much as it might not be intentional, I believe the song sends some undesired messages to members of the public. Some part of the music had opened the eyes of young children of mixing different substance and  it has even become a slang and metaphor for alcoholism or drug . Even the young ones when they listen to this song might be tempted to get a lighter, and ignite on a paper or mix jedi with other drinks or cook Indian hemp with food. 
 As a Drug free member, i will implore the Federal government and members of the public at large to control the songs and videos released by artists.  Music has a lot of influence on the mind and this should never be underestimated as it affects lotw controls in ways we cant imagine the way we live and see things . The art of smoking and drinking can be learnt easily from this channel I think the all of uus really have a long race to run to control the use and misuse of drug the society because if we are stop drug abuse, we all have roles to play.
#Towards a drug free world
 Muhydeen Adekunle Abioye
Asst. General Secretary, DRUG FREE CLUB, OAU


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