Read what happens when a guy is to choosy

Hello my good readers, all over the world, we have billions of ladies who are beautiful, single and ready to mingle yet it is quite baffling how difficult it is for a guy to easily find that lady that has what he desires in terms of physical beauty which is a paramount factor for men considering the fact that we are visual in nature meaning “whatever pleases our eyes will inadvertently please our minds”
In my school of thought, I believe a man has no excuse for settling with a lady that does not match his desire in terms of outward beauty.
Regardless of the fact that men with beautiful wives still cheat, I have seen guys cheat on their wives because according to them,their wives don’t have the type of exterior dimension that matches their sexual desire so the question is “why marry a lady you are not physically or sexually attracted to 
If you want a boorilicious lady or a busty lady,slim,big,fair,dark then why go for the opposite just to start living your matrimonial sexual life in perpetual fantasy of being with another lady?
Inasmuch as ladies have the right to be choosy too,in most part of the world it’s saddening that cultural restraints do not afford them the freedom to walk up to a guy they want to ask him out.
But as a man I believe it is OK to be picky so that you can be with a lady you truly desire because there is nothing as sexually gratifying than getting turned on when you look at your wife.
Yes we know we can’t always have all we want but at least we should be able to get something very close and we also know that boobs sag and curves usually fade but I believe it still makes sense spending our early marital life with a woman that has the sexual features we desire.
When a guy is too choosy in a relationship, he tends to cheat in that relationship, do u agree or disagree???
Put your answer, using the comment box below. 
Culled from Nairaland 

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