POEM: Why OAU Is Great And Still Remain The Greatest.

Education Poem Uncategorized  POEM: Why OAU Is Great And Still Remain The Greatest.
GREAT IFE STUDENTS Freedom is from God alone,
  we are students of GREAT IFE, 
 We are not soldier but we do face real life war, 
 We don’t walk to class; we double and run, 
 We don’t talk like a fool; we argue logically, 
 We don’t obey dogmatically; we challenge intellectually, 
 We are not homeless; but class we sleep for sake of reading, 
 We read to get freedom and we speak to give silence, 
 We live to struggle and we struggle to live, 
 We live to succeed and we succeed to live, 
 Vibrancy, confidence, respect and intellect, Are not sold in world trade center, 
 Rather it can only acquire in GREAT IFE soil, 
 We don’t see failure as a threat and challenge again, 
 It’s an obstacle we will cross so as to become hero, 
 We believe our future will as shine as diamond in the sky, 
 We fight to create peace and to restore anomie to normality, 
 Oppressor have no abode in our GREAT IFE soil, 
 We suppress those who oppress; to impress the depressed, 
 We stand with depressor; to stand against oppressor, 
 We will struggle till we become successful person, 
 We will fight till we become hero and role model, 
 Whose name will never washed with thousands of erosion, 
 Our greatest weapon is prayer and we are submissive to God, 
 All our students are either strong Pastor or Alfa, 
 Because religion activities is second to none, 
 We stand as one,God bless GREAT IFE students, 
 Shout out to all OAU STUDENTS. 


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