Poem: I Miss You

Education Poem Uncategorized  Poem: I Miss You
If you are absent during my struggle,
 Don’t be present during my success (to my unbelievers).
 The one day am absent from school 
 Is the one day everything happens
 I missed an important lecture 
 Because of a minute argument
 I will miss a heart just because 
 Of a day argument
 I will wait for you because 
 Honestly I don’t want anyone else
 When am sad, please don’t ask me what’s wrong,
 Just hug me
 Missing you is my hobby, 
 Caring for you is my job,
 Making you happy is my duty,
 And loving you is my love.
 Have you ever missed someone so much that you
 Feel physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually sick
 I miss you a little too much, a little too often, and
 A little more every day.
 “missing you comes in waves, tonight am drowning.”
 When I say I miss you that’s actually an understatement.
 I thought I could handle the pain from being apart from you
 But I can’t.
 I cant drown my demons, because they know how to swim, 
 I need your love because that is their weakest point
 Every separation is a form of death, 
 as each meeting is a type of heaven.
 Absences are a good influence in love 
 and keep it bright and duplicate.
 If you can just give me a small chance,
 I will prove it to you that I will be one of the best decisions you will ever make;
 Infact the best out of the bests.
 You went up to my eyes like a beautiful dream 
 and I seek you in vain
 By the meadow and stream.
 I thought I could handle the pain from being apart from you,
 But the fact is I can’t.
 If you are alone,
 I will be your shadow.
 If you want to cry,
 I will be your shoulder.
 If you are not happy,
 I will be your smile.
 If you need me,
 I will always be their. 


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