Poem: Friendship

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Once upon a time, in a town called past. I left my fears behind.
In a cave called experience, I sealed it with my tears, packed my loads and left.
I am never going back, it doesn’t exist anymore. 
If I am given a chance to turn back the hand of time.
I will make all wrongs right, reverse the words I said, appreciate the love you gave.
But right now, I have to live with the guilt inside my heart, the memories of the past behind
Maybe in the morning,  I will be alright…
Are we really friends?  you criticise my actions, you criticise my moves
You are the perfect one but I look the fool, when I am happy you destroy my mood, do you really care?
or am I just a tool? are we really friends?
You got my hope so high, you fed me with your lies, you broke my heart and tore my soul apart
I couldnt cry, I was so surprised, why I didn’t I see it? why was I blind?
But I realise it is just an act, you were a bird, you needed to fly
you are a traveler, you only stay for a while.
Words can’t express my gratitude to you my friend, you were there when j was depressed
You saw the beauty in my mess, success in my interests, I can pretend in your absence
You read my mood without a second guess, you were my voice when I couldn’t protest
You are my confident, my godsend.


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