Poem: Exam Mood

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It is time to sleep
Argh! I am so weak!
My arms are stiff from writing all weeks.
The lamp is so dim.
Even electricity is not constant in my street.
But I have got to read; exam in the morning. 
I will be strong and fit
It is all part of the hardship.
On my way to Mozambique before I go bleak!
I refuse to pay attention to the voice in my head
It is just a cluster of ions been fed by emotions
Chain of reactions fueled by tensions
I am in charge, I need no distractions
I went through a lot, travelling to and fro, I asked everyone I saw, both young and old, where is time sold.
I am willing to pay in kinds or golds, “We dont know”, they said.
Time is a priceless gift, it is in limited stock, dont waste your own 


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