Messi’s brother out of house arrest on €100,000 bail

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35-year-old Matias Messi, was arrested last month on the 30th of November on possession of firearm charges after a loaded pistol was found on board a blood-covered boat he had abandoned. He was sentenced to house arrest in his hometown in Rosario, 300 kilometres (190 miles) north of Buenos Aires.

The Brother of Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi was released from house arrest after paying a €100,000 bond on Tuesday, Argentinian media sources report.
The detention came after he was found in a drifting and blood-stained motorboat on November 30, apparently after hitting a sandbar. Police found a pistol hidden on board the boat.
It was the second time the star’s brother had been arrested for possession of a firearm. The offense carries a jail sentence of between three-and-a-half and eight years. The conditions of his bail mean that he can move freely but may not leave Argentina.


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