Keeping it real: Life is more than what you think

Uncategorized  Keeping it real: Life is more than what you think
Good day my readers, I know you guys did not hear from me yesterday, am sorry about that. Today I want to tell you guys a story. Today is all about keeping it real at 100 not at 100% because there is nothing like 100% perfect in this world.
Permit to begin by saying “If you want to succeed greatness you need to stop asking for permission. “
Some people do refer to life as being difficult, some refer to it as being easy, some even call life “Hardship” but I will call life a “Market” not that you buy and sell only, but life is about how you perform your trade, yeah, I know you are confuse, for example, if you seek success, greatness, fame, wealth (I hope you know these things are different from each, so stop confusing from each other, you may have the fame and yet be poor, you may succeed but yet you can feed your family with your success), it depends on what you are going to trade them for, if you require fame, then you stick to the status quo, if you want wealth then you go after it, you determine how life is going to be for you, life does not determine how you are going to be (That is how life is). Yes, I agree, there may be favourable or unfavourable conditions but if you want to achieve your goal, then you need to overcome the unfavourable conditions. “Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”
I have friends that I know that they are only focussing about having success in their academic performance,  graduating with a 4.(0,1,2,3…), well that is great 👍,  because I am also chasing that, but I do ask myself, after all these 1st class degrees, what next?, now imagine a 2nd class graduate now employing a 1st class graduate,  well it is no longer a new thing, because that is what is happening. ido have friends that they are after the wealth (either much wealth or a average wealth, well that doesn’t matter), I have friends after the fame, I have friends that are after the greatness, well the question I want to ask is what are you after?
Whatever you find yourself doing, do it well, because time wait for nobody. Determine how you want to be treated in life,  it is not bad asking for someone’s (the right one) help. Success is not only by the degree, what is the essence of having the degree and you can use it to feed yourself and your family as a whole.
What I call success is not by its definition alone, but also by you taking care of you family as well as your extended family.
Determine how you want to live your life. Stay blessed.
Thank you for reading.  
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