Jose insists De Gea will stay


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho insists David de Gea is “100%” staying at the club following interest from Real Madrid.
David de Gea will not be leaving Manchester United despite reports of renewed interest from Real Madrid this summer, manager Jose Mourinho has confirmed.

De Gea has been a long-term target for the Champions League and La Liga winners, and came close to joining them two years ago, but Mourinho believes the Spain number one has moved on and is happy at Old Trafford.
Speaking in Santa Clara California ahead United’s next pre-season friendly game against Real, Mourinho said: “I can guarantee that he’s not going this season, and it is my feeling it will be very difficult for him to go.

“He is a very honest boy, very straight. He was contacted for a long time. The club was closed, then we opened because I always have this feeling that, when a player has a desire to go, I don’t like to stop them because, in the end, you don’t get what you expect from them.
“So we open it and then we decide to close and I think the feeling from him is very good. So I am happy and 100% he stays with us.”
Mourinho has also insisted he is very happy with his current group of players and how they are progressing ahead of the new Premier League season, but he is still hoping to add at least one more player within a difficult transfer market.

Jose Mourinho says he is still hoping to add a third and fourth player to his squad
United have been trying to sign Ivan Perisic from Inter Milan and reportedly want to add Nemanja Matic from Chelsea.
Mourinho said: “Names are difficult for me because the players belong to other clubs. The players are in pre-season, and the managers and owners are not happy if you talk about them. The same as me.
“But I never hide my plan for the team in my second transfer window, which is to get four players to give balance to the team in all the different areas. But with the development of the market, getting the feedback from Mr. Woodward and analysing from a distance, it is very difficult.

“If the club has no chance to give me the four players then so be it. I like by group and I will go with them. But I still have my hope that I can have a third player. Who knows about a fourth, but at least a third.”


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