Indian Mob Tied Nigerian To A Pole, On Robbery Allegations

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A video has emerged showing a Nigerian living in India being brutalised by a mob , an incident which the police claimed was not connected to racism .
The video , which has gone viral online and sparked outrage , showed some Indians beating up the Nigerian , simply identified as Ahmad , after already tying him to a pole with ropes.

The man could be heard screaming and begging for his life .
According to NDTV report , the man was allegedly caught in the early hours of September 24 trying to rob a house at Malviya Nagar in south Delhi , an area which is popular with African students in the city .

The house belonged to one Krishna Kumar .
After the brutal assault , the Nigerian , who was wounded and unconscious with injuries to his head, face, limbs and back, was arrested by the police and charged before a court which sent him to jail . The police said Ahmad was found in possession of a wire cutter and a bag with master keys .

Eyewitnesses allegedly told the police that he had hurt himself when he fell down the stairs while trying to escape .
The Hindu reported that residents of Savitri Nagar agreed that Ahmad was tied to a pole and beaten up by many people around 4 a .m . and that they did not regret their actions .

“He was tied with ropes and beaten up by residents . He was caught red -handed and had been troubling us for the past two months here , ” said Pawan Kumar , a 40 – year -old resident , alleging that Ahmad had committed theft in several households in the area .

The residents rejected claims that the attack was racial , alleging that Ahmad had been terrorising the area for two months . The Hindu reported that the locals produced three videos , all showing Ahmad comitting crimes at different times .
The report said , “In one of them , Ahmad can be seen attempting to break into a house . In the other two, he can be seen running around . ”

“The videos are of two incidents from around September 15 . There have been so many thefts in the area . Once, cash worth ₹ 15 ,000 was stolen, another time , ₹ 2 ,500 and the other time two laptops were stolen. There are more cases but complaints of these three thefts were given to the police ,” said Ravi Kumar , a resident .

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