An OAU Student cries out via social media

Breaking News crime Uncategorized  An OAU Student cries out via social media

After the tragic accident that lead to the lost of a life of an OAU student due to a recent cultist atack that occur in Obafemi Awolowo University yesterday around New Buka. An OAU student cries out by posting via a facebook page;
“OAU becomes more dreadful and dangerous, as cultists attacks rises:
A murder case was recorded yesterday at New Buka (a popular commercial hub on campus). As reported, the deceased was stabbed to death by unkown individuals who were decribed as cultists. 
This is coming weeks after students have been victims of cultist attack at the Students’ unon building and the school management didn’t make any responsive effort.
He further said; The management have maintained a criminal silence so far in cases of students victimisation and assaults, always describing every attack as a friendly fight so as to save their public image.
Maximum security is gradually becoming a thing of the past in OAU, certain locations are now being threaded with caution and restriction.
It is on this note we call on the general public, activists, media houses, alumni, parents and all well-meaning individuals to come to our aid, as our freedom is gradually slipping off.
A point to note: There is a mathematical correlation between unionism and cultism. An institution that doesn’t give room for public freedom of association opens door for private and secretive gatherings. 
 You can view the screen shot below;
Breaking News crime Uncategorized  An OAU Student cries out via social media


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