1. In the seventh year of the reign of king Obasanjo over the Northern and Southern Kingdoms in the land of the confluence of the great Niger River, a great trouble broke out in the land, as had never before been experienced. For when his time was come nigh that he may descend from the throne, King Obasanjo called unto himself the noble men of the land. 
 2. And he declared unto them saying: “now that my days on the throne are few and the tasks that I have begun remain aplenty to be accomplished, allow me therefore to reign over the realm for yet another four years”. 
 3. And so he gathered together of them, the sages that maketh laws in the red Chamber in the city of the king. He gathered also unto them, the scribes of the green chamber, that they may ponder and amend the books of the law to favour him in the manner of his desire. 
 4. But this thing grieved Atiku the son of Abubakar who was the king’s deputy and a pretender to the throne. And went up in haste to his master and  said unto him, said unto him, “Master, howbeit that thou seekest to rule over the people for another four cycles of the sun over the sahara?  Sweareth not thou by the name of thy god four cycles ago, to set me upon the throne after thee?
 5. Practice thou not this great evil against me and against the kingdom for it is written in the books of the law that a king may not reign but for two terms of four cycles, which eight years?”. But these words changeth not the heart of the king. 
 6. And so, Atiku conspired with the Governors of the provinces and of the men who maketh laws in the city of the great king and they rejected the proposition of king Obasanjo that he may continually reign over the kingdom. 
 7. And the king was wrought with grave anger and he declared according to these words to Atiku saying, “because thou hath done this great evil unto me, thou shall no longer sit upon the throne of this kingdom even unto thy death”. 
 8. When the son of Abubakar saw that the king favoureth him not, that he departed from the camp of the king by the name PDP, and pitched his tent in the camps of the king’s adversaries by the name ACN that he may contend the throne of the kingdom. 
 9.  And it came to pass that Governor Yaradua who ruleth over the province of Katsina found favour in the sight of king Obasanjo. And when the time was come for the appointment of the king that he defeated Atiku and was appointed and anointed king over the kingdom. And king Yaradua ruleth the kingdom with the fear of God. But his days as king was full of affliction. 
 10. And when king Yaradua gave up the ghost that Goodluck the son of Jonathan who sitteth by his side as the deputy reigned after him. But when the time was come nigh that the son of Jonathan be appointed again that Atiku departed from the camp of the king’s adversaries and entered into the king’s camp that he may be appointed. 
 11 . But King Goodluck, the son of Jonathan, defeated Atiku again for he spake according to these words unto the people, “I feel thy pains brethren for I was once like thee. I wore no sandal on the sole of my feet in the years of my youth when sought I knowledge, for my parents were of little means”. And the people loved him and appointed him. 
 12. And the host of the other camps were vexed with a great vexation. For sixteen years they had made battle against  King Jonathan’s camp and had not prevailed against it. 
 13. And a certain noble man by the name Audu the son of Ogbe declared unto the leaders of the camps that contended the throne with the king’s camp saying: “howbeit thinkest thou in thy heart to prevail against the king’s camp if comest thou not together as one?
 14. Harken to my voice this day, come let us reason together that we may enlarge our coast  and verily verily I say unto thee, the throne of the kingdom shall be delivered into our hands.
 15. Of the camps that came together that day to form the APC were ACN from the Western Kingdom, ANPP from the Northern Kingdom and a part of APGA from the Eastern Kingdom. Even the unhappy in the camp of PDP crossed over in droves into the new camp too. 
 16. And Atiku the son of Abubakar departed again from the king’s camp by the name PDP and entered into the camp of the king’s adversaries that he may contend for the throne. 
 17. But Prince Mohammed the son of Buhari was favoured among them that seeketh the throne from the camp of the APC for he swore unto the leaders of the camp saying, “behold brethren, I am full of age and my eyes are becoming dim, suffer me to ascend unto the throne for I shall only reign for four years”. And with the passage of time, Prince Muhammadu, the son of Buhari was anointed  king over Great Kingdom of the Niger. 
 18. And this troubled Atiku the son of Abubakar in his heart that he was rejected as king again. But he saith in his heart, I shall be of long suffering and remain in this camp for I shall ascend unto the throne after the fourth year of king Buhari.
 19. But it came to pass that in the third year of the reign of king Buhari that the advisers in the king’s court said unto him, be of good courage, gird thy loins and present thy self to be appointed again to reign over the kingdom for another four years. 
 20. And it came to pass that when Atiku the son of Abubakar heard of these words that he was sore vexed with anger and he repenteth that he joined the APC. 
 21. And so he said, “I shall arise and go back to PDP which is the camp of my youth. And I shall declare unto them, “I have sinned against thee and against God. Accept me this day that I may once again contend the throne in thy bosom”. 
 22. And on the twenty fourth day of the eleventh month of the year before a new king is appointed that Atiku the son of Abubakar departed from the camp of APC and joined the camp of his youth.
 23. And there was a great jubilation in the camp of PDP that day for they said, “verily, the prodigal son returneth home this day to lead us to victory”.
 #Author unknown
 Edited by DTH (moi!!) 


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