Advertise With Us

 Advertise With Us
Do you have products or services you want to showcase to the world and triple your sales? Well, you do not have to look any further because we provide you with such a great avenue.
With thousands of visits and pageviews on a daily basis, you have the rare privilege of getting your business across to thousands of people, specifically Nigerians.
If you have made up your mind, we say thank you for your interest in doing business with ‘TEEVIBE MEDIA’. Here are the details of our plans and kinds of accepted adverts:
We have five major advertisement structures;
Side Bar Ads – Adverts appear at the side of our Website
Top Bar Ads – Adverts appear at the top of our website, very close to the Logo
Bottom Bar Ads – Adverts appear beneath our Website posts, very close to the Bottom widgets
Mobile Ads – Adverts appear on every article published on our website. It will be visible to both mobile and desktop users.
Sponsored Stories – An update to enlighten our readers about what you have to offer and success stories. No harassment/defamation of any personality/character will be accepted. Apart from an estimated 30,000 local audience and millions of foreign viewers, our stories are constantly transmitted to a bigger audience as we share them on our Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter & Google+ Pages.
Banner/Image Properties
a.) Banners/Images must be of high quality and very attractive.
b.) It must not be too huge or heavy.
c.) We do not accept Banners/Images with violent representation/nudity,
d.) You can link your images to wherever you want to.
Banner Sizes
Side Bar Ads – 336 X 280px
Top Bar Ads – 728 X 90px
Bottom Ads – 728 X 90px and 160 X 600px
Mobile Ads – 320 X 50px and 300 X 250px
Another kind of advert structure we provide but dependent on type of products/services involved is Website Background Image Customization. Here, you will give us an image containing the details of your products/services and it will be used as part of our website template and it will appear as the background image of our website.
Kindly contact us via [email protected] or call/text/whatsapp us on 08111131194 (Whatsapp, Call, Text Messages) for the various unbelievable and reasonable plan prices or you can use our contact form.
We will respond to your mail in less than 24 hours. Usually, we respond within 2-3 hours of mail receipt.