A Nairalander Voiced out: Stop Calling Her A Slut

I am very sad and angry with Nigeria men and their attitude towards our women. How dare you call someone a hoe. Who gave you the right and the audacity to be slut shamming ladies especially a married woman for Christ sake This nonsense has to stop in 2017.
Even though she has been into prostitution before as the twitter guy claims, for Christ sake it’s her past. I don’t just know why people will not just mind their business. Why do people derive joy in breaking people homes. HABA. 
Even on the said thread, so many nairaland kids ( i call them kids because sense they have not) and some ladies ( imagine fa ) also calling her a hoe. I felt so bitter and felt like crying. Some ladies were even trying to correct some boys on the thread and the next thing the started calling them hoe. chai.
For those of you calling her a prostitute, if u are innocent why not cast the first stone. One will not be surprise that most of the boys that are quick to call her a prostitute are fuckboys and the ladies here on nairaland shouting she is a hoe, find out about them now and you will be disappointed with the number of d!cks they’ve taken, but since it’s online, everybody na saint. I just tire for Naija youths.
As far as you are not a saint, you don’t have the right whatsoever to be slut shaming people.
Nigerian youth, please let’s channel our energy in making money and be productive in 2018. For me na hustle sure pass.


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